Initiating a Child Friendly Culture

School to school partnership programs


Background/ Introduction

School to School Partnership Program (SSPP) is an innovative program initiated by child Nepal (CN) for quality education in rural areas of Nepal. Child Nepal is a campaign based NGO working for Child Rights and quality education in Nepal. Since, Nepal is an underdeveloped country where the quality of education is not good as compared to other developed countries. We believe that through this School to School Partnership Program we can make the rural students known about the teaching methodology in abroad which could be helpful in uplifting their academic development.

School to School Partnership program involves two schools from abroad and Nepal seeking to encourage the use of foreign teaching in Nepalese schools. Partner schools will use be using third language as their working and communication language. During the program, school, teacher and students in both countries will work together on a common theme and produce a joint end product. Each participating school can to carry out a class exchange to its partner schools involving students. During the class exchanges, students work together at school and are hosted in each others’ families. The cooperation would not only be limited to the exchanges but activities will cover the whole program period. The general aim of SSPP program is to enhance the global dimension of education in Nepalese schools by promoting joint co-operation activities between schools in abroad and Nepal. The program provides an opportunity to work together on one or more topics of mutual interest. School to School Partnerships help students and teachers to acquire and improve skills not only in the topic or subject area on which the program is focused, but also in terms of teamwork, social relations, planning and undertaking project activities and using information and communication technologies (ICT).

The aim of this program is to develop a friendly relationship between schools of Nepal and abroad. Participating in a SSPP with schools in Nepal gives students and teachers the opportunities to support schools of underdeveloped country, teach new skills, practice foreign languages, culture tradition, do research and increases their motivation. Child Nepal (CN) facilitates in developing such relationships with the schools of rural communities in Nepal.


  1. To exchange skills, information, culture and new learning among schools in Nepal and abroad.
  2. To initiate fundraising for rural schools by the schools in abroad


  1. Schools identification
    Firstly, CN facilitates to identify/search schools abroad through online. If the schools are interested in School to School Partnership Program (SSPP) then relation will be initiated via CN and Link between schools will be created online.
  2. Develop linkage between schools
    CN facilitates to develop linkages among schools of Nepal and abroad. Email exchanges will be done between students and teachers. Drafting, publishing and disseminating documentation related to the co-operation activities and dissemination of program experience and outcomes.
  3. School Visit
    Students and teachers from schools in abroad will be invited to visit and have sharing with the school here in Nepal. CN facilitates overall process in it. During the visit, meeting with schools, involvement in cultural programs, and side-scene in religious and touristic places will be organized. Gifts will be between schools during the visit. Exchange of experience and good practice with the partner school abroad, study visit, Fieldwork, project research will be conducted.
  4. Organize school level program
    Under this program organization of exhibitions, producing technical objects, drawings, arts objects will be done and taught to rural children. Performances (e.g. theatre plays, musicals) will also be conducted.
  5. Fundraising
    Schools and students in abroad can initiate fundraising for the schools in Nepal with which SSPP is initiated. The funds will be utilized for welfare and quality education of rural schools in Nepal.

When choosing the activities of SSPP program, schools are strongly encouraged to choose any topic of interest and importance to the participating institutions, as it will be the motivating force for co-operation and learning within the program. Program activities will ideally be integrated into the regular activities of the schools and be included in the curriculum of participating students. Partner schools can be able to be involved in all phases of the project, including the planning, organization and evaluation of activities.


  • Rural schools in Nepal learn about teaching methods tools of schools in abroad.
  • Exchange of education situation in countries in Nepal and abroad.
  • Students in both countries get acquainted with cultural, geographical, economic and other information
  • Support will be generated for rural schools in Nepal from schools in abroad.
  • Students can make friendship with abroad students and learn new life learning skills.

Current School to School Partnership Program (SSPP) of Child Nepal.

Child Nepal started SSPP with Maidstone Grammar School for Girls, London, UK from the year 2009. CN facilitated to develop relation of this school with Shree Bal Sudhar Higher Secondary School at Duwachaur, Sindhupalhcok where CN is running its projects.

CN had an online communication with Maidstone and further shared emails of students of Bal Sudhar in Nepal. The students initiated having emails exchange and shared information with each other. Afterwards, the students in Maidstone started fundraising for Bal Sudhar School.

In 2010, students and teachers from Maidstone organized a visit to Nepal and visited Bal Sudhar School. They had supported Solar and Battery for operating computers which was inaugurated during the visit.

 View the Report for detailed information

The fundraising in the schools in Maidstone is continuing and CN organized English language and Computer Training to students and teachers in Duwachaur, Sindhupalhcok.
 View the Report for detailed information

If your school is ready to initiate SSPP with schools here in Nepal, please contact CN.