Initiating a Child Friendly Culture

Longest Painting in the World on Peace and Child Rights by Children

longest painting

Initiation by: National Initiative for Peace and Child Rights, Nepal (NIPCR Nepal)

Child Nepal (CN), as a coordinator of National Initiative for Peace and Child Rights Nepal, initiated the national campaign in preparing the Longest Painting in the World on Peace and Child Rights by Children. The objectives of the campaign are to widely disseminate the message of peace and children in grassroots communities, make relevant stakeholders accountable in respecting rights of children and widely promote the message of Children and School as zone of peace.

The campaign anticipates participating more than 20,000 Nepali children from schools, child clubs, rehabilitation centers in preparing the longest painting whose length will be 6,500 meter. The painting events will be organized in all 75 districts of Nepal. The prepared longest painting is registered in Guinness Book of World Records (Claim ID: 326378 and Membership ID: 287128).

The campaign incepted by organizing a launching ceremony in 21st International CRC Day in November 2010 in participation civil society organizations, children and international agencies. After the launching ceremony, Child Nepal has organized series of painting events of the campaign and exhibition of the prepared paintings.

Activities Accomplished

SN Activity Title Date Report
1 Longest painting event on the occasion of International Youth Day 2013
2 Longest Painting event on violence against children
3 Exhibition of Longest painting at Basantapur
4 Longest Painting event on the occasion of National Children's Day
5 Pictorial Report of Second Exhibition at Boudhanath Stupa, Kathmandu March 30, 2012
6 Pictorial Report of First Exhibition at Classic College Int'l, Kathmandu March 18, 2012
7 Painting event at GoldenGate International College, Kathmandu February 28, 2012
8 Painting event organized with Disabilities at Khagendra Nawajeewan Kendra, Kathmandu. November 11, 2011
9 Painting event in organized in Bhaktapur district. December 18, 2010
10 Second Meeting of Steering Committee December 1, 2010
11 Launching ceremony November 21, 2010
12 Meeting with schools and colleges November 15, 2010
13 Development sharing program report. November 4, 2010
14 Sharing Program Report August 11, 2010

Planned for >>

We anticipate collaboration with interested agencies and organizations for the below mentioned planned activities:

  1. Organized district level painting events and exhibition
  2. Produce campaign caps and T-shirts
  3. Design, produce and run radio/TV programs about the campaign
  4. Produce radio/TV jingles
  5. Conduct
  6. Organize Mega –exhibition of longest painting in Kathmandu
  7. Publish participants souvenir
  8. Prepare documentary about the campaign
  9. Organize exhibition of longest painting in SAARC countries