Initiating a Child Friendly Culture

Jugal and Namuna Child Development Center


Background/ Introduction

Child Nepal (CN) has introduced a concept of model education village in 2007. Introducing and highlighting the concept of model education village in a meeting with community stakeholders. During the meeting CN focused on the objectives, plan and policy concerning model education village. As per the suggestion given by stakeholders, CN made a plan to establish 4 ECD’s in Duwachaur VDC. In 2007 Jugal ECD was established. In 2013 Namuna ECD was established, so far it is believed that around 3500 childrens, age group of 3-5 have been benefited out of it.The devastating earthquake 2015 destroyed both the child development centers. Thus, Child Nepal initiated partnership with different organizations for the reconstruction of these community centers.

Child Nepal initiated partnership with Indigo Children’s Fund and Jagriti Child and Youth Concern Nepal (JCYCN) for the reconstruction of Jugal Child Development Centre. Coordination with Melamchi Municipality was done for this purpose. The reconstruction work initiated from May 2018 and completed in December 2018. The building comprise four rooms (3 class rooms and 1 office) with attached toilets in two classrooms. Also, maintenance of kitchen was done. The classrooms were supplied with child friendly set-up, learning/playing materials for children along with out-door playing materials. Child Nepal handover the building to local government on December 2018 by organizing a formal building handover program amid the representatives from donors, local government and community people. 58 children age-group 3-5 years are directly benefited from this work.

Activities Accomplished

SN Activity Title Date Report
1 Building inauguration and Handover December 16, 2018
2 Earthquake 2015_CDCs Duwachaur April 25, 2015
3 Evaluation forms of Porridge Program_Child Nepal
4 Final Report_Rice Pudding Program_Jugal CDC
5 Progress ReportNamuna CDC
6 Namuna CDC Inauguration 2013 Report_Child Nepal__June 24 June 24, 2013
7 Baseline Survey Report Ramche CDC February/March, 2012
8 MEV and Rural Tourism February 24-27, 2008
9 A Report on JUGAL CDC Ingauguration May 17, 2008
10 Action Plan on Duwachaur MEV
11 Duwachaur Village Profile 2007 May, 2007
12 Interaction on Model Educational Village August 26-27, 2007