A list of programs that CN has been involved in.

Ongoing Programs

Advocacy Project on OP3CRC

Signature and Ratification of the Third Optional Protocol to the Convention on the Rights of the Child on a Communications Procedure (OP3CRC) in Nepal

CRC Monitoring and Reporting to UN Committee on Rights of the Child

Investing in Early Childhood Development Project

Facilitating Rural Engagement and Independence

Right Based Education to Empower Dalit, and Marginalized Adolescent Girls and Children in Nepal (Girls SAMVAD)

School To School Partnership Program

Longest Painting in the World on Peace and Child Rights by Children

Meri Sangi Campaign

Jugal and Namuna Child Development Center

Nepal Charter School

School of Child Rights

Completed Programs

Community Participation for Education and Child Protection

Better Future for Mothers and Children (BFMC)

Program on Child Protection, Education and Livelihood in Nepal (RECOVERY PHASE-III)

Fighting against child trafficking in emergency

Education for vulnerable and marginalized communities children in Nepal

Quality Education and Community Participation for child learning and rights

Monitoring and awareness on child concerned election code of conduct

Translation and publicaiton of child friendly version of UNCRC


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