Greeting Message

I am happy welcome you all in this official webpage of Child Nepal. I am optimistic that this website will help you to receive information about the works that our organization is doing and also expect for collaborations with you.

CN carried advocacy for the ratification of OP3CRC in Nepal by organizing high level dialogue in presence of UN Committee Member Ms. Mikiko Otani. For the same cause, media advocacy was initiated through a television program called “Bal Bimarsha”. We continuously engaged in national campaigns to ensure the fundamental rights of children mainstreamed in the Constitution of Nepal, child concerned Sustainable Development Goal (SDGs), formulation of Child Rights Regulations, establishment of National Child Rights Council and so on.

Unlike national advocacy, CN involved in community level child protection and development initiatives in Sindhupalchok, Kathmandu, Bara and Parsa districts of Nepal. We gave continuation to the programs on anti-child trafficking and protect those who are vulnerable to abuse, exploitation and violence by operating Interception booth, CCPC and FSP. Additionally, training on child rights, child club management, life skill and peer education, anti-human trafficking, psychosocial counseling, referral mechanism were provided to the targeted groups which helped to create safer environment for children. Also, school building reconstruction and maintenance were completed in this year. Initiation of community kitchen program in 57 schools in collaboration with Indrawati Rural Municipality became a milestone initiative this year serving 4500 children with day meals every day. In addition, CN gave continuity to work with women and children of entertainment sector and advocate for their rights. Besides, the different programs on children livelihood program was introduced in Indrawati Rural Municipality as part of Recovery.

Further, we plan ahead to initiate child rights monitoring and mechanism setting in all three tires of governance in the federal context of Nepal. Our advocacy will be for the establishment of Child Rights Commission in Nepal. We are fortunate to have the opportunity to work with different institutions, communities, and children through various projects in different districts, and are committed and confident that we can reach out to the marginalized children and communities and address their needs through our different programs.

Last of all, I would like to express my appreciation, gratitude and respect to my colleagues on the Board, to the members of the Committee and CN team for the successful completion of programs and emergency response to the beneficiaries. I am grateful to our development partners for their support and building trust on our efficiency and continued partnership with us.

Thank you.

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