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Child Nepal (CN) Is An Non-Political, Non-Religion Non-Government Organization (NGO) Working On Child Rights In General And Child Protection And Child Development In Particular. It Was Established In 2003 By A Group Of Social Activists With An Aim To Initiate A Child Friendly Culture. CN Is Enshrined With United Nations Convention On The Rights Of The Child (UNCRC) 1989 And Universal Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) – 2030. CN Is Registered Under GoN /District Administration Office/Kathmandu (Regd. No. 460/059/060) And Is Affiliated With Social Welfare Council (SWC No. 14240), Kathmandu. CN Management, Program Team And Advisors Consist Of Human Rights Activists, Education Activists And Development Professionals.

It has been launching innovative and inspiring programs with meaningful child participation, protection, promotion and overall development of a child. CN advocates for equal access and enjoyment of child rights in national level and carries out development programs in community level that brings a comprehensive impact in the lives of children and their families. In the changed political context, CN is conducting advocacy programs in central and provincial government while conducting development projects in coordination with local government.


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CN envisions a Nepalese society where every child enjoys its rights enshrined by UNCRC.


Promoting a child friendly governance at all levels.


To contribute in strengthening governance systems to realize rights of the child in every sphere with every key stake holders.


i. Ensure child friendly environment in families, schools, communities and at government levels.
ii. Strengthen civil society monitoring and constructive engagement to fulfill state accountability on rights of the child.
iii. Demonstrate effective mechanism to realize rights of the child on protection, development and participation.
iv. Open successful dialogue in mainstreaming effective strategy demonstrated by Child Nepal.

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