Initiating a Child Friendly Culture

Quality Education

Constitution of Nepal 2072 has declared the right of child in article 39 including the right to education as the fundamental rights of the child. Nepal is making progress toward achieving SDG4, and there requires new knowledge horizons and opportunities for strengthened solidarity and partnerships around the provision of quality education and lifelong learning for all, especially children. Yet the context is also changing with new technologies and skill demands, as well as economic shocks and environmental degradation. Many barriers to education access and educational outcomes remain in place and challenges to the monitoring of progress remain in context of Nepal. Since education is not only an integral part of, but also a key enabler for sustainable development, it needs to be included in national development plans and strategies for achieving all the SDGs. That’s why, CN works in ensuring quality education through promotion of ECD based model approach by implementing parental education and livelihood program, particularly targeting urban poor.