Initiating a Child Friendly Culture

Child Rights Protection and Promotion

As per its commitments and obligations, the government of Nepal makes sure children’s rights and create an environment where they can grow and reach their potential. Thus, CN collaborates with the government and develops interactive child rights apps for child rights protection and promotion. It works in child friendly communicable apps to share about the UNCRC, Constitution of Nepal 2027, the prevailing Acts, Regulations, Directives related to children so that all sectors-public, private and government can adopt it for realization of child rights from grass-root level to national level. CN collaborates with academic institution to launch School of Child Rights Faculty for both academic and semi-academic course for producing CR Faculty and Semi-Faculty human resources. The CR faculty includes research, archives, journal and internship. CN continues contributing in the write-up process of the supplementary CRC report on behalf of the civil society.