Initiating a Child Friendly Culture

Core Values

CN maximizes the impact of capital to improve the lives of its beneficiaries in the highest level.

CN is itself as a human right organization, it respect, protect and promote human rights of community in general and children in particular. It doesn’t follow any discrimination manner towards diverse groups of community in terms of human right perspective.

CN facilitate to promote mutual respect among different castes, ethnicity, gender, age groups, cultural and religious groups by enhancing cooperative and collaborative cultural to keep harmonious and peaceful village and nation as well. CN believes that mutual respect leads to true participation, empowerment, motivation and commitment.

In a spirit of impartiality, neutrality and equality in matters of politics, religion, culture, gender, caste, age and ethnicity and CN avoided discrimination in any form. It specially respects and encourages to the voice less deprived children for their rights protection and overall development.

CN has spirit of empathy towards deprived, marginalized and poor community, particularly children to make them benefited from mainstream development of the nation in fostering social justice and equity. CN always take the side of, and express solidarity with marginalized caste, class, poor and community, children in particular.

CN promote the norm of accountability within CN team members and among community, particularly children with whom CN work together.

CN maintains transparency in its overall program activities. Transparency regarding account, programs and policies are made by the organization. Transparency is also maintained community level; it will be efficient, simple, visible and accessible to all concern stakeholders.

In a spirit of commitment towards realization the organizational vision, mission, objective and strategy, a strong result orientation shall be prevail in organizational management and its programs.

In the spirit of facilitation, team building, inspiration, empowerment, delegation and participation in decision making.

CN emphasize high moral integrity by facilitating the never ending process of action – reflection – action that foster taking place real development efforts to develop village as well as nation. it is promoted within CN team members and community, particularly children for team works and cooperation having trustworthy environment.

CN promotes inclusive development that benefited those community, particularly children who are most deprived, marginalized and oppressed from educational, health, economic, socio-cultural, linguistic and other basic opportunities by caste wise, regional, gender, age wise, cultural and social discriminations and disparities thereby they will be from remaining in the situation of the poor and deprived from generation to generation.

CN actively involved in fund raising programs with thrust of complement to local resource mobilization and capacity building of community in general and children in particular. It believes that generating self-mobilizing situation of community itself foster sustainable development of their own and brings them into mainstream development of the nation. CN develops such fund raising programs that are able to generate resources itself for its sustainability for long lasting benefits to the needy children and their families.