A. Background/Introduction

The project is designed to address the child concerns that have been seen in the earthquake affected communities in Nepal. It aims to protect children affected by earthquake against incidents of child abuse and child rights violations. Specifically, the project plans to ensure a safer environment for children to enjoy their rights to education in Ward 2 and 3 of Indrawati Rural Municipality (Previously Kunchok VDC) of Sindhupalchok district of Nepal. Broadly, the project has three major components i.e. Education, Child Protection and Livelihood. The earthquake destroyed the economic status of the people living in the targeted areas which had a direct impact on children. People's houses were destroyed and they were forced to live in temporary shelters. Many schools have been damaged forcing the children to study under temporary learning centers which are not safe for children and are not child friendly. The deteriorated economic condition due to earthquake caused many children to be the bread earners and work as child labors in nearby cities or in the capital city- Kathmandu. It caused children to leave their regular education. The children have been neglected to a greater extent after the earthquake as many children lost their parents while those who are alive have to take the full burden for making ends meet. Thus the children are exposed to higher risks and have been victims of various forms of violence like sexual abuse and trafficking.

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